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From Aoi Honoo (Blue Blaze) japanese drama TV series based on manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto and featuring Hideaki Anno student character (gif sources : 1 2 3).

Everything i do vs everything i do with people watching

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Illustrations by Sousou

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let me be you

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Stills from “A Tribute to Satoshi Kon” french exhibition (online gallery).

Satoshi Kon passed away 4 years ago.


All I got out of today’s episode, tbh

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Souvenirs of Studio 4°C old times.


TurboRoo, a chihuahua born without its front legs, was given a 3D printed cart made by San Diego firm 3dyn so he could train to be a service dog for disabled children.

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Hi there! So I'm in the process of creating my own Web comic and I was curious if you had any tips or advice? And any resources that you'd recommend? Please and thank you~


i don’t really have any resources that pertain specifically to webcomics. i went to school to study comics but it was pretty heavily focused on print so what i do online is pretty much just take those ideas and apply them to the web as a medium. i always suggest scott mccloud’s “making comics” to anyone who wants to make comics at all. it’s a really good basic guide to comics and he’s a great comic artist.

other reading i highly recommend: asterios polyp (by far one of my all time favorite comics; it isn’t a guide or a how to, but i think anyone who has read it can understand how valuable it is to have in your mental archives), framed ink (actually about storyboarding, but can be applied to comics as well), and perspective! for comic book artists (do i even need to explain this one; actually, i need to go back and dust up on it now that i think about it…)

other than that, all i can really tell you is to just do the work. make the story you want to make but understand that different types of stories will require different amounts of work in different areas. if you’re going to make a comic in space, you better get good at drawing all that space stuff, etc etc etc. basically, it’s your story, work as hard as you want to to do it justice. if you put in good work, even if it starts out rocky, eventually you’ll get to a good place. if you crap out on yourself, you’ll probably make crap. making comics is a lot of work and there is no way around that. it is very much a labor of love (not to say there can’t be compensation, but it’s like animation; why would anyone draw that much of the same thing over and over and over again if they didn’t love what they were doing).

one last thing: you’re going to screw up. it happens. you can’t make a perfect comic. it’s better to start and realize you messed up a year later than to keep putting it off for years and be left with nothing. there is a lot to be said for careful planning and plotting, but after a certain point you just have to make the damn thing and know that no matter what, in a year you are going to grimace when you look back at that first page. our taste always evolves ahead of our talent so don’t wait until you are “good enough.” if i had waited until i was good enough i would never have made any comics. it’s all good and well to practice drawing beforehand and improve yourself, but nothing with force you to improve more than actually making that damn comic.




i drew them how the fandom portrays them

now please draw them how they actually are


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